We recruit talented people who will build a better company as well as Buildit’s products and services and grow.
Team value
Our team values are codes of conduct that reflect the
core values of BuildIt and the values of our members.
Growth Needs
Growth Needs
Every day we try to learn and acquire new and better things. In the field, we experiment and test challengingly and continuously learn.
We make and measure performance as objective indicators as possible, and study to make better performance. Everyone is rewarded for performance
Immersion and persistence
If there is a problem, do not get discouraged and focus on solving the problem. Achieve goals and create team performance with constant concentration.
Understand each other's roles and maintain the responsibility according to roles and authority according to responsibility horizontally. We strive for effective communication.
Detail & Quality
We believe that the difference in skills is revealed in detail. We constantly define the problem and create something better than the present.
Do not try to gain the faith of the members only with words. We develop intellectual humility and build trust with our employees through actions and outcomes.
Create a good working environment as we grow.
(Million won)
Build-it has achieved remarkable growth every year with its members.
We always think and support how our members can work happily.
Through this, we seek to collaborate happily while looking at the same goals with our colleagues.
We provide an immersive
working environment.
  • • Autonomous commuting system
  • • Support for development equipment
  • • Support for housing in Pangyo
  • • Unlimited support for lunch and snacks
  • • Support for health checkup
We support the continuous
growth of team members.
  • • Support for work-related seminars and
    training diligence and laziness
  • • Support for professional books
  • • Support for professional S / W and tools
  • • Operation of own study and seminars
We give a reward
according to performance.
  • • General incentives
  • • Stock options
  • • Salary increase according to performance
  • • Reward for outstanding team members
We take a rest enough
to prepare for next.
  • • Workshop
  • • Review
  • • Office rest area
  • • Refresh Day
We are waiting for a team
member to join Buildit.
Buildit team members continue to grow in pursuit of professionalism in their respective positions.
We want to work with those who will create a culture that meets our team values and achieve brilliant results together.
There are no jobs in progress.