BuildThing Gateway is an IoT gateway that connects things to the Internet with Wi-Fi and Ethernet and LTE in BLE 5.1.
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IoT sensor gateway
You can collect information from BuildThing devices and send the collected data to a local TCP server or cloud.
Bluetooth 5.1
Receiving distance from 70m to 300m(Long Range, separate inquiry required) based on open area
USB-C Type
USB-C type power supply for stationary installation
Bracket provided
Bracket provided for wall/ceiling mounting
Admin App.
Setting network and server connection information through the BuildThing Admin app
MQTT/HTTP protocol support for TCP server connection
Ethernet/Wi-Fi Type
Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connection via LAN line
PoE Type
LAN cable power supply for wall/ceiling mounting
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LTE Type
LTE-based network connection.
Power supply of rechargeable batteries.
Support GPS function through GPS antenna extension connection (Seperate inquiry required)
Download Firmware
Vehicle installation through cigar jack
Battery charging via USB-C power supply
GPS antenna extension connection
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery power supply for outdoor installation
Admin Application
Manage your gateway and monitor it in the cloud.
BuildThing Gateway can be managed through the BuildThing Manager app provided on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. In conjunction with BuildThing Cloud, you can monitor in the cloud.
iOS Admin App.
Mac Admin App.
Android Admin App.
Windows Admin App.
Use as a universal IoT gateway
In addition to BuildThing products and services, you can connect to your BLE devices and servers (cloud/private network).
Custom Firmware