BuildThing Beacon
BuildThing Beacon is the connecting point for digitizing real-world information. With the function to selectively combine and separate the sensor for the first time in Korea, it responds to multiple IoT solution requirements more flexibly.
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Selective combination
Up to 3 sensors and accessories can be combined with a single beacon by the push-push method
Battery life
Maintain up to 11 years of battery life with a coin battery and always supply power through a Micro 5 Pin power module
Various packet formats
Supports Google's Eddystone-UID, URL, TLM and Apple's iBeacon packets in addition to BuildThing packets
Bluetooth 5 compatible
Bluetooth 5 compatible with 2x communication speed, 4x transmission distance, and 8x data transfer rate
Multi-sensor Beacon
It is a small size sensor beacon that is H5.53cm x W5.53cm x D1.23cm and can be easily attached anywhere even through double-sided tape.
Small but definite performance
Temperature, humidity, acceleration sensor and air quality sensor such as TVOC, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and fine dust can be combined.(Text to be modified)
Check the battery life by selecting the sensors and accessories to be combined.
Supported F/W version
Up to 3 can be selected, and lifespan varies depending on the Adv. interval and sensing interval.
Supported F/W version
Temperature / humidity sensor
acceleration sensor
TVOC sensor
nitrogen dioxide sensor
ammonia sensor
fine dust sensor
I/O module
ADC module
Micro 5 Pin
power module
About Firmware Update
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Cross Platform SDK
Distribute the application to all platforms and devices.
Through SDK, you can distribute user applications to various platforms such as Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and various devices such as Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.
Scan nearby BuildThing Beacons
Range measurement
Measure the distance between devices in the region and beacons
Check In/ Out within the region
Connection and settings
BuildThing Connection and control of beacons
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Admin Application
Manage beacons and monitor them in the cloud
It is a BuildThing Beacon administrator app implemented with Cross Platform SDK.
Available at Android·iOS·Windows·MacOS. It can be linked with BuildThing Cloud to manage BuildThing Beacon remotely.
Download Platform-specific Admin App.
iOS Admin App.
Android Admin App.
MacOS Admin App.
Windows Admin App.
Download Platform-specific Admin App.
iOS Admin App.
Android Admin App.
MacOS Admin App.
Windows Admin App.
Beacon management
Beacon setting and beacon installation region management
Region monitoring
In / out notification and distance measurement in region
Notification and remote control
Push alarm and beacon remote control under specific conditions
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